Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Boy Naughty - The Kinky Housewarming Gift

Radha's housewarming gift from us, her colleagues...
And I couldn't resist taking a pic with it when we visited her house today......


Victor's coming back tomorrow!!!!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Deepavali 2008

The long holiday is over...Back to work again...Sigh... :(

I always make the mistake of not applying for leave the next day after Deepavali and I always end up taking urgent leave the next day coz I'm tired after all that visting. Next year, I'm going to make sure that I apply for leave in advance.
It was quite a quiet Deepavali this year. But looking on the bright side, it was really a nice Deepavali.
I stayed over at Victor's place and his sister and I played with sparklers and bubbles the night before. His mum and I made 'payasam' at 3 am in the morning.I was trying to snap a nice shot of the sparklers and this was the best that I got! Then Victor's batteries died before I could take anymore pictures!
That's me and Athena, Victor's sister. Took this before we headed out to his uncle's place.
Victor's parents - They are the cutest 50+ year-old couple I've ever seen!!!
My visiting routine was the same this year, with a few houses skipped coz of the time constraint. I was stuffing myself with cookies & food!! My favs have always been - 'Nei Urundai' and 'London Almond Biscuits'!! I just can't resist them!!

Another particular habit is having coffee and chicken wings at my aunt's place. I did that last year and i did it again this year! hehe...The results - Diarrhoea the next day!!! But nothing beats those chicken wings, fresh out of the frying pan!

De-niece...Growing up isn't she!!!
And what is Deepavali without this!!!
I was super full when I reached Rathika's place, which was our last stop. But I just couldn't resist the food at her place. Had another round of whacking!!! Siva's friends were there too and they were just so amazed on how we could take sooo many photos!!! Hehehehe!!!
Siva smiling over what we got him!! That look from Rathika was classic! Hehehe!!
Siva and his friends - They kinda had a hard time smiling for this photo!
The only thing missing was Victor. I'm so glad he's coming back next Wednesday!

Friday, October 24, 2008

"Naan Sirrithal Deepavali" - "Its Deepavali when I Smile"

Its Friday! The long weekend's coming and so is Deepavali!! Yippeee!! :)

Almost everything's set, the only thing left to do is threading, which I plan to do this evening after work. I know I'm asking for trouble going to Tekka today - the Friday evening before Deepavali but i don't really have a choice. I'll brave all the crowd and on-coming human traffic to make my face hairless!!! I'm prepared for anything!!!

My colleague called me 'a dumbass who can't have chocolate'.

Dumbass coz I'm too soft-hearted and I'm too nice. The chocolate part - Its true. I can't have chocolate. Why? Coz of my bad breakouts.

I finally solved the mystery of why I have been having such big bad breakouts for the past few years and to my dismay, the answer was 'Chocolate'. *Ket is such a sad person*

What's life without chocolate? And being the chocolate monster I am, its really disheartening. I've reduced my chocolate and peanut butter intake tremendously! Sigh. But I do have a little (u see...'little' - ARGH!) when I can. Sigh.....

But looking on the bright side, my skin has improved, very much actually. I don't really get much big breakouts now and its only around the time when my 'sister' would be arriving. :) *Ket is happy thinking about that.*

Victor's not in town again. He flew off to Brunei on Monday and he won't be around for Deepavali...Oh well, the cons that come along with his job...I'm getting used to he flying off for trainings and I also don't really feel so lonely since his family doesn' mind me hanging our at their place. Although I'm not with my family, I'm pretty blessed to be with people who treat me like their family. :) I'm grateful for that.

The wedding season is up again and many of the people I know are getting hitched! And the one I'm sooo looking forward to is my colleague, Radha's!
I'm doing the photo montage and the guest book for her wedding dinner. (First time for me!) Hopefully I do a good job and she likes it! I'm done with the powepoint, only need to insert the music. Now i'm cracking my head on how to do a guest book for her. I need to think of something fast! I've only got a month more to go!

Blogging while koffee-ing was good. Now both is done. *Ket must get back to work!*


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

IBM - 3 Oct 2008

Another round of fun and laughter with the IBM babes on Friday! It was great! Its amazing how we always have fun when we meet up and there is never a dull or quiet moment throughout!!! That's totally lovely!

We had tasty Satay at Lau Pa Sat and then we popped down to Vivocity for some dessert at Secret Recipe. The rest enjoyed their cakes, except for me - the brownie wasn't very nice...It was just enough, not too heavy but then not nice... :( Next time, i'm having their cheesecake! (provided they have what i want!)

The outing was full of laughter, Sumi's giggles when asked abt Vijay, Ananthi's orgasm while eating her cake, my bimbo moment with 'butter' and 'oil', the 'Ferrari' bus driver, Uma's hot pink ROM saree and our usual goofy talk! hahahaha!!!

We ought to organise another one in Nov, this time makan at Newton! :) Keep some dates free!

And Congratulations to the Bride, getting her ROM done in a few weeks time!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008

My 26th Birthday!!

It all boils down to that 1 day, where you feel super happy and super excited and you realize that you’ve grown older.

I turned 26 on Sunday! I’ve just touched my late twenties…Boy, its fast! J

I had a wonderful birthday! Really nice and memorable one!! I feel so much loved!!! N its all thanks to the people I’m blessed with, who really care about me!

The celebrations started on Saturday, with an outing with the girls. It was fun! Girls night out are always lovely…We laughed our hearts out, said funny things, took lots of photos and basically had a lot of fun! N I love the chicken wings and cheese pizza at No.5. I sooo loved that place on Saturday. It was very empty! Praise F1!! Hehe…
These people sang me a ‘Happy Birthday’ song in the MRT at 12 midnite! :) Everyone in the train was looking at us! Hehe…So paise…I think some boys were clapping together with them!!

My friends are more happening than me now. They wanted to club for my birthday and I tagged along! I also asked Victor to join us there. He came for a while and we left early while the others carried on! I’m getting too old for that, I like…
The next day was good. I went over to my aunt’s place for a while and they surprised me with a cake!! Then I went over to Victor’s place and his mum cooked for me and also gave me a small gift! It was really very nice of her!

Victor bought me out for dinner and gave me surprise! Minah, Rathika and the gang arrived there with a cake!! A smiley faced cake, with supposedly represents me! :)
And the inevitable had to happen!! I got my cake facial, like Rathika puts it! It was kinda like her revenge for her birthday!
Just when I tot it was over, I went back to Victor’s place and I cut another cake! This was from his sis! She’s a darling!!
I was really elated yesterday. I really felt very happy and loved yesterday!! In total, I cut 3 cakes yesterday! Wow!!

Now I’m slightly sick of cakes…hehehe….

Thank god, there isn’t anybody’s birthday for the next month…hehe…

I have uploaded all the photos in Facebook!

Friday, September 26, 2008


My colleagues were bored...
The result: